Highway Heroes – Jade Lynn To The Rescue

Jade Lynnn is a true New Zealand hero.

While driving his his truck in Christchurch, New Zealand, 22 year old Jade witnessed a woman bleeding on the sidewalk and a knife wielding man on a rampage. He jumped out of his truck, grabbed a pinch bar and confronted the man.

While Jade kept the man away from others, the police arrived and tried to subdue the man. When a taser jolt failed to do the job, they shot the man twice.

The Marlborough Express quotes Jade

“He was coming at me with a big meat cleaver and a small skeleton knife. I was petrified. But I was trying to get him away from the traffic and people. I was swinging the pole around trying to keep him back.”

Other witnesses agree that Jade was a hero, doing his very best to keep others safe until the police were able to take over.

Jade, even though you’re on the other side of the world, your heroism inspires us all!

See Heroic Truck Driver Confronted Knife-Man at the Marlborough Express for the full story with pictures.

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