Paralegal Services

I can attend court as an Agent on your behalf. I can assist drivers and registered owners/operators who were charged in defending their good record against traffic tickets issued under these provincial Acts and Regulations:

  • the Highway Traffic Act and its Regulations
  • the Dangerous Goods Transportation Act
  • the Fuel Tax Act
  • the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
  • the Public Vehicles Act

How Much Does it Cost to Plead Guilty?

Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket can cost you in several ways:

  • fines
  • CVOR points
  • driver’s license demerit points
  • insurance premiums


The first cost that might come to mind when you get a traffic ticket is the cost of the fine. There is also the Victim’s Surcharge.

CVOR Points

Traffic convictions lead to points on the driver’s and owner/operator’s CVOR. The Conviction Code Table (PDF) outlines what points are assigned for each offense.

Driver’s License Demerit Points

A conviction will often include demerit points. If you have 9 or more, your license may be suspended after an interview with a ministry official. At 15 or more points your license will be suspended. The demerit points table is found at the E-Laws website.

Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums may go up. This can affect you for up to 4 years after a conviction.

What To Do?

While there is no guarantee that fighting a charge in court will avoid a conviction, there is always a chance. If certain procedures and processes are not followed properly, then you can actually have your case withdrawn without having to go through trial. There are also opportunities to negotiate a deal.

Plead not guilty and ask for a trial date.

If you aren’t confident to defend yourself, hire a paralegal or lawyer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need a quotation. You can find out more about my paralegal services at SNAP – Sylvie Nickerson, Agent/Paralegal.