HoS Template for Excel

Keeping track of the Hours of Service data for local drivers can be a hassle.

When your drivers meet the requirements to use timesheets rather than log books, you are still responsible to maintain appropriate records of time. Filling out paper forms is time consuming and prone to mistakes.

That’s why we developed the HoS Timesheet template for Excel. It works with Excel 2007 and higher, allowing you to enter the timesheet information electronically. It is easier to enter, correct errors and to store. It also meets the requirements for timesheets under the various provincial regulations.

Note: It does not meet the requirements for a log book, so drivers that do not qualify for the 160 km rule must still keep log books. This can be a useful tool for monitoring the compliance of the drivers with the HoS rules.

If you are interested purchasing in this template, contact us for more details.

Video Tutorials

We’ve created a series of video tutorials that will show you how the template is used.

Installation and Customization

The template comes in a zip file with some extra documentation and license file. All you need to do is extract the template file and put it where you need it. Then you can customize the settings as needed.

Creating a Driver Workbook

You will need to create a workbook for each driver.

 Adding Months

The workbooks are organized into months. Every month you’ll need to add the current month (you can do this ahead of time if you like).

Entering Time Values

Entering time values is easy. Just start with a default and modify it accordingly.

Note: The latest version will automatically set the status of multiple cells that are selected within a duty status. There is no longer any need to right click and select Set Status as shown in the video.

Also, the problem with dragging cells has been dealt with and you should not see that in the newer versions.

Removing Months

Since you are only required to keep 6 months of data, you can delete older months from the workbook.

Just make sure you don’t delete a month too early. You can’t undo this.