CVOR – Commercial Vehicle Owner Registration

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has made sweeping changes to the CVOR system in the province to bring it into line with the safety rating systems of the other provinces and the federal government. The changes came into effect April 2, 2007.

These changes include different points assigned to the various events that are monitored under the system as well as calculations to the thresh holds that are used to trigger audits and/or safety rating changes.

Points Assignment

As in the past, points are assigned for incidents that occur. There are three categories:

  • Collisions
  • Convictions
  • Inspections

The point values that are assigned for these different incidents are available in the CVOR Conviction Code Table. The points have been changed to keep them in line with the other provinces as well as the focus on safety.

Your score is based on the points accumulated in these categories within the past 24 months. Your total CVOR point value is calculated with 40% of the total mark coming from Collisions and Convictions and the final 20% from Inspections. This value will be compared to the threshold value for your company to determine if you are to be subject to any intervention or sanction.

Threshold Values Now Mileage Based

While the size of fleet and number of drivers used to be the criteria for determining the threshold, the new calculation is based on the number of km’s driven by your fleet. This can have a tremendous impact on carriers that do have mostly local driving without a lot of mileage.

Interventions and Sanctions

If your point value rises then there are different interventions and sanctions that can be triggered.

Warning Letter35%
Facility Audit50%
Conditional Rating70%
Show Cause Hearing85%
Sanction Analysis100%
Fleet Limitations
Plate Seizure
C.V.O.R. Suspension
C.V.O.R. Cancellation


The following documents describe some of the changes. I did not prepare them (and I have not been able to track down who created the first one at this point) but I can answer any questions that arise from viewing these documents.

Changes to Ontario’s CVOR SystemPDF Version
CVOR Public Guidelines (March 2011) – Includes Conviction Code Table (April 2011)PDF Version
CVOR Conviction Code Table – Most recent version of the Conviction Code TablePDF Version