Our Experience

Welcome to Trucks-R-Us.ca. This is the website of Sylvie and Bill Nickerson. We are CVOR Consultants who help truck and bus operators to properly maintain their CVOR.

Sylvie Nickerson - Commercial Vehicle Consultant

Sylvie Nickerson

I am a former Transportation Enforcement Officer with the Ministry of Transportation (1991-2000). I am also a licensed paralegal with the Ontario Law Society. I have been working as a CVOR consultant with truck and bus companies since 2001.

I believe I can be an asset to truck and bus drivers, owners and/or operators by using the knowledge, experience and training I have gained.

I will be able to assist you in the following areas if you have been charged, or if you have any questions or concerns:

  • Highway Traffic Act and Regulations
    • vehicle registration
    • driver’s licence
    • vehicle equipment
    • hours of work (log book)
    • trip inspection reports
    • CVOR certificate
    • permits (oversize/overweight, trip, temporary vehicle registration)
    • load security and covering of loads
    • weight, length and height of vehicles and loads
  • Dangerous Goods Transportation Act
  • Fuel Tax Act
  • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
  • Public Vehicles Act

Bill Nickerson

I have a background in computer programing and corporate training. I assist Sylvie in the technical side of things, running the web site, developing spreadsheets and other tools to help the business.

In 2006, I took over the development of the training we offer, and eventually became the primary trainer as well. I am currently working towards having our training delivered as self-paced online courses as well as live.

Working with Sylvie, I began to get more involved in the audit preparation as well as she was becoming quite busy with the court side of the business.