If MTO Came Knocking on Your Door Would You Be Ready? Get Our Professional CVOR Consulting Every Month and Be Prepared! It's Less Expensive Than You Think

The MTO conducts Facility Audits on truck and bus operators on a regular basis. You may be next!

An audits can cost you big time

  • Your CVOR status could be downgraded... this can affect your insurance and ability to get contracts
  • You and your drivers can get charged for Hours of Service, maintenance or other violations that will further affect your CVOR records
  • Charges will lead to fines and court representation costs
  • You may incur sanctions against your CVOR such as suspensions or even cancellation

The problem is that many companies just don't know what they're doing wrong until after the audit.

That's an expensive mistake to make!

What Can You Do?

You can hire us. We're CVOR Consultants and we help companies just like yours:

  • get all the paperwork in order (procedures, policies, maintenance records, driver files, logbook/timesheet, inspections)
  • train your drivers and staff
  • review CVOR, including Driver abstracts
  • help you deal with review meetings and hearings

Right now we're offering a special deal for companies that are within 200km of our office here in Huntsville...

The 400/11 Corridor Monthly Special

This is available to companies within 200km driving distance of our office. Basically that's the Hwy 400 and 11 corridors between Toronto, Parry Sound and North Bay. The special includes:

  • 1 day of 6 hours of consulting at a preferred rate (20% off our normal rate) once every month (minimum 6 months) with reduced expenses rates
  • preferred rate available if you require more than 6 hours consulting

We'll help you get your records ready and keep them ready. Once a month likely won't be enough to do everything needed, but it gets you started on the right track.

When MTO comes a knockin' you'll be smiling. Well, maybe not smiling, but you'll be ready!

In order to qualify for this package you must:

  • commit to at least 1 day a month for 6 months or longer
  • agree to pay on or before your scheduled day
  • be located within 200km driving distance of Huntsville (if you're outside that range, contact us to see what kind of package we could put together for you)

Limited Slots Available

There are a limited number of days available for this promotion, so make sure you get yours today!

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