Downloadable Schedule 1

We’ve created a copy of Schedule 1 for pre-trip inspections that incorporates the changes that came into force on January 1, 2016.

The schedule is 2 pages that can be printed double sided so you have a single sheet to put in the truck. You can even laminate it to keep it in better shape.

The schedule includes codes that can be used to enter defects on your inspection report rather than having to write everything out.

There is a 3rd page that includes instructions and notes.

Download it here: Schedule 1

Bill is the webmaster at Trucks-R-Us.ca. He develops and delivers training in Hours of Service, Pre-trip Inspections and Cargo Securement. He also assists Sylvie in performing safety audits.

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      1. Hello Bill my name is Adriano I’m going to do my road course Test Tuesday they changed few things on the MTO here they were asking me about schedule one I really didn’t know about it because last time I did my wrote course was in March of 17 since then I never went back till now on the schedule 1 asking about the Chucks I have two of them do you need four of them for all four tires of the trailer when I am on coupling

        1. Hi Adriano

          Schedule 1 has been around since 2007, so you should have heard about it well before your written exam. This is a list of defects to be watching for when you do an inspection. If you don’t carry a copy of the schedule to present to an officer on demand you will be charged.

          As for wheel chocks, I’m not aware of any regulations that speak to how many, but I would think that as long as the trailer doesn’t move with 2 that should be sufficient.

  1. Is the MTO also giving a leeway (warnings only not ticketing) for a learning period on this new Schedule 1 (January 2016)?

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