November 30, 2011 — Cargo Securement Reminder: Unmarked Tiedowns

It seems that not everyone realizes that unmarked tiedowns are no longer allowed for Cargo Securement in Canada.

As of January 1, 2010, tiedowns and components that are not marked with their working load limit (or grade in the case of chain) can no longer be used. Check all of your tiedowns to ensure that they are properly marked.

Section 11(4) of the National Safety Code Standard 10 has been rewritten as of the September 2010 edition of the code to read as follows:

(4) A person shall not use a tiedown or a component of a tiedown to secure cargo to a vehicle unless it is marked by the manufacturer with respect to its working load limit.

Most of Section 12 dealing with how to treat unmarked tiedowns has been deleted. Only subsection 9 remains, dealing with unmarked friction mats.