The following are some of the services which I can provide:

  • Attend court as your Agent: I will collect all necessary documentation and evidence to represent you. For more information check out SNAP — Sylvie Nickerson, Agent/Paralegal.
  • Train drivers and personnel: I can teach on various procedural and legislative issues.
  • Inspect vehicles, loads and/or documentation: I will determine if all are within the parameters of the law.
  • Facility Audits: I can do full or partial audits (such as logbooks and Vehicle Inspection Reports).
  • CVOR: I will review CVOR abstracts to determine thresholds and accuracy of information.
  • Impoundment, detainment and/or charges: I may attend or contact M.T.O. or police inspection locations to verify defects and problem areas. I can also help with appeal of impoundment.
  • Permits, documentation and/or stickers: I will ensure that these are acquired and updated when required.
  • Log Book − New Regulations: The new regulations are still on hold. See News for the latest information.
  • M.T.O. Audit Preparation Information and Court Due Diligence Defence Package: I have an information package that will help you prepare for M.T.O. audits and help you train your drivers.
  • Hours of Service I have created a web page with information regarding the new Hours of Service regulations for Ontario.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact me.