The following are some of the services which we can provide:

  • Attend court as your Agent: Sylvie is a licensed paralegal in Ontario and can help you with traffic tickets, license tribunals, etc. She will collect all necessary documentation and evidence to represent you. For more information check out SNAP — Sylvie Nickerson, Agent/Paralegal.
  • Train drivers and personnel: Bill is the primary trainer and can teach on various procedural and legislative issues.
  • Facility Audits: We can do full or partial audits (such as logbooks and Vehicle Inspection Reports).
  • CVOR: We will review CVOR abstracts to determine thresholds and accuracy of information.
  • Impoundment, detainment and/or charges: We may attend or contact M.T.O. or police inspection locations to verify defects and problem areas. I can also help with appeal of impoundment.
  • Permits, documentation and/or stickers: We will ensure that these are acquired and updated when required.
  • M.T.O. Audit Preparation Information and Court Due Diligence Defence Package: We have an information package that will help you prepare for M.T.O. audits and help you train your drivers.

We am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us.